Fitoor “Haminastu” by ‘Moreno Visini’

‘Haminastu’ is 2016 latest Bollywood song of the movie ‘Fitoor‘. ‘Haminastu’ is sung by Moreno Visni. The song is composed by Amit Trivedi, while the lyrics of this Indian song are penned by Swanand Kirkire.

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Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast
Haminastu, haminastu (hamin asto..)
Meri jaan rooh dil se ba-basht
Haminastu, haminastu (hamin asto..) (x2)
Ho khamosh darkhton ke saaye
Ye khauf hai soya sa
O kuch khoya khoya humnein bhi
Ye chehra hai roya sa
Murjhate gulon ne jhuk ke kaha
Hume aadat hai haminastu (hamin asto)…
Chalte lamhon ne ruk ke kaha
Inaayat hai haminastu (hamin asto)…
Yeh veerane, yeh sannate
Yeh kya bol rahe hain
Aate jaate, aate jaate
Panchi saare ud gaye kahi
Bas ghonsley hain haminasto
Gar jannat hai zameen pe kahi
Yahi pe hai haminasto, haminasto (hamin asto..)

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