Firstly, congratulations, you’ve made up your mind to learn something super exciting: dancing. However, you must be headed in the right direction; otherwise, learning to dance can be a lot overwhelming! 

The following blog post will aid you in the first steps when learning dancing: Best Dance Styles To Learn For Beginners! 

Why should you first try best dance style to learn for beginners?

Embarking on the journey of dance as a beginner is like stepping into a world of joy and self-expression. Wondering which dance style to dive into first? Let’s talk about why choosing the best dance style to learn for beginners matters.

Picture this: beginner dances to learn are like a friendly gateway into the enchanting realm of dance. The best dance styles to learn for beginners are those that offer a warm embrace, welcoming you into a community of movers and shakers. It’s not just about learning steps; it’s about finding a dance that resonates with you, making those initial steps feel like a dance floor rendezvous with happiness.

The best dance to learn for beginners is like the perfect match for a dance floor date. It’s patient, forgiving, and full of excitement. Imagine starting with a dance style that not only matches your rhythm but also celebrates your unique style. Whether it’s the lively steps of folk dance, the passionate embrace of tango, or the social charm of contra dance, the best dance style for beginners is the one that makes you want to step, sway, and smile.

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How Do YourSongsLyrics classes help you learn the best dances for beginners? 

Discovering the joy of dance is an enriching experience, and at YourSongsLyrics, we enhance this journey with our unique approach. Several distinguishing factors underscore our commitment to providing a fulfilling dance experience:

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  3. Customized Services: We understand the importance of personalized learning. Tailor your dance classes according to your preferences, ensuring a curriculum that suits your needs.
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Here’s A Detailed List Of Top 10 Best Dance To Learn For Beginners: 


Bachata, a beginner-friendly Latin dance from the Dominican Republic, is perfect for newcomers. With a partner, you’ll groove to its slow music and catch onto the repetitive rhythm. The basic steps are easy, making it the best dance style for beginners. You’ll be dancing a full song after just one class, a moment to cheer and feel proud. Bachata’s simplicity allows quick progress, boosting confidence. Focus on the uncomplicated moves and enjoy the joyous journey of learning this social dance. It’s the ideal choice for those starting their dance adventure, promising a swift and satisfying experience.

2) HIP HOP (One Of The Best Beginner Dances To Learn)

Hip Hop, a fantastic choice for beginners, boosts your confidence by letting your body groove freely to familiar tunes. This dance style encourages expressing your unique style while enjoying popular music. Learning the rich history behind Hip Hop enhances your understanding of its culture. After just one class, beginners feel a surge of confidence, thanks to the approachable nature of this dance. Hip hop dance, rooted in African American and street dance culture, gained popularity in the 1980s and continues to captivate enthusiasts worldwide. It’s renowned for its diverse movements, blending choreography with freestyle, creating unique styles with improvisational flair. Whether it’s break dance or pop and lock, hip hop dance remains a widely embraced and accessible dance style, making it a top pick for those starting their dance journey.

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Modern dance, among the best dance styles for beginners, covers various techniques credited to choreographers who introduced fresh and distinctive movements. Novice dancers benefit by gaining balance, creative thinking skills, and learning to integrate breath into their movements. Modern dance can be taught gently, making it suitable for dancers of all ages. This style offers a broad spectrum of expressive movements, allowing beginners to explore and find their own unique dance language. As a beginner-friendly option, modern dance provides a foundation for understanding body control, artistic expression, and the joy of movement. Its adaptability and emphasis on personal expression make it an excellent choice for those starting their dance journey, fostering a sense of accomplishment and creativity in every class.

4) SALSA (one of the best dance style to learn for beginners)

Salsa, a widely practiced Latin dance globally, offers various styles depending on the region. It’s an excellent choice for beginners as it encourages creativity and personal expression while serving as a universal language. Salsa’s versatility allows you to enjoy it anywhere in the world. The dance originated from blending Cuban styles like mambo, pachanga, and rumba with American tap and swing. Popularized by Cuban and Puerto Rican communities in 1960s and 1970s America, salsa became a partnered dance sensation in the United States. The basic salsa step involves foot movements complemented by sensual hip motions, coordinated upper body gestures, and rhythmic footwork. For beginners seeking an engaging and expressive dance style, salsa stands out as a vibrant and accessible choice, offering a delightful fusion of cultural influences.


While Ballet may pose a challenge to master, grasping its basics proves invaluable for beginners. Ballet teaches essential elements like balance, technique, alignment, lines, and spatial awareness, providing a foundation applicable to various dance forms. This knowledge fosters confidence in dance classes, enhancing overall dance skills. On the other hand, Ballroom dances are perfect for couples or social dancers, gaining popularity worldwide through competitions and social dance styles. TV shows like Dancing with the Stars have solidified ballroom dancing in American pop culture. For beginners, Ballet lays a groundwork for universal dance principles, aiding in overall dance confidence, while Ballroom stands out as an enjoyable partner dance, celebrated globally through both competitive and social avenues. Both styles offer unique benefits to those starting their dance journey, contributing to a well-rounded dance experience.

6) Latin Dance (best dance style to learn)

Latin dance styles, which have gained popularity in the United States in recent decades, have deep roots in Latin America dating back to the 1500s. Influenced by European colonists and African slaves, people in Mexico, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean merged their traditional cultural dances with new forms from settlers. This fusion gave rise to rhythmic dance forms like salsa, cha-cha, rumba, Paso Doble, lambada, bachata, tango, and jive. These lively dances showcase the rich cultural blend that emerged over centuries. For beginners seeking the best dance to learn, Latin dances offer a vibrant and diverse starting point, each with its own flair and rhythm. Exploring these rhythmic styles provides a dynamic entry into the world of dance, offering both enjoyment and a glimpse into the cultural tapestry of Latin America.

7) The Rumba

Inspired by the Afro-dance movement and Cuban dance styles in 1920s and 1930s America, the rumba showcases Latin national dances set to the tunes of the big band music era. This dance beautifully blends Latin cultural roots with the contemporary happenings in the United States, resulting in a technically rich style still widely performed today.

The rumba involves repetitive side-to-side and forward-step movements, maintaining an upright and erect posture. Recognized as a theatrical dance, partners engage in a flirtatious interplay of sensuality while executing their moves together. For beginners seeking the best dances to learn, the rumba offers a captivating entry point. Its dramatic yet approachable style not only provides a glimpse into Latin dance heritage but also introduces beginners to fundamental movements and partner coordination, making it an enjoyable and accessible choice for those starting their dance journey.

8)Contra ( best dance to learn for beginners) 

Contra is a lively and social dance often enjoyed in groups, making it a fantastic choice for beginners. It’s incredibly beginner-friendly, allowing you to join in and learn by following the lead of others. Contra doesn’t involve complex footwork; instead, it revolves around switching partners, spinning, and coordinating with the group. It’s one of the most accessible social dances, requiring only walking and a friendly smile! Contra dance provides a relaxed and enjoyable introduction for beginners, emphasizing social interaction over intricate steps. With its focus on inclusivity and simplicity, contra stands out as one of the best dances for beginners to learn, offering a welcoming environment for those taking their first steps into the world of dance.

9) Tango

Originating from Argentina, Tango is an intense dance style known for its fast-paced movements and closed embrace. This passionate dance involves gliding steps, sudden stops, rotations, and striking head turns that accentuate the choreography. Tango’s captivating rhythm and expressive nature make it an ideal choice for those seeking an intense and vibrant dance experience. While considered more intricate, beginners can embark on the Tango journey, learning the dance’s essentials and embracing the art of connection. Its cultural significance and emotional depth add to Tango’s allure, making it one of the best dances for beginners willing to explore a dance style that beautifully balances tradition and intensity.

10)Folk dance ( best dance to learn for beginners)

Folk dance, among the best dances for beginners, is a joyful and communal way to explore movement. Rooted in cultural traditions, folk dances celebrate heritage through simple steps and rhythmic patterns. These beginner-friendly dances often involve easy-to-follow group formations, making it accessible for newcomers. Folk dances offer a welcoming introduction to the world of dance, emphasizing community and shared expression. With uncomplicated footwork and inclusive group dynamics, they are ideal for beginners looking to learn and have fun. Whether it’s a traditional dance from your own culture or exploring dances from around the world, folk dance provides an engaging and accessible starting point for those taking their initial steps into the rich tapestry of dance.

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