Ayaw Kong Magkulang Lyrics:

Pag-gising sa umaga
Naaalala Ka
Nasasabik ang puso ko
Na makapiling Ka
Umaawit, Sumasamba
Sumasayaw Sa’yo
Naghihintay ng pangugusap Mo

Ayaw kong magkulang ng kapangyarihan Mo
Ayaw kong magkulang ng kabanalan Mo
Hesus dakila Ka
Tanging sandigan ko
Lakas ko ay nanggagaling Sa’yo

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Ayaw Kong Magkulang Lyrics Meaning:

Here’s a brief interpretation of the Ayaw Kong Magkulang lyrics:

  1. Pag-gising sa umaga, Naaalala Ka – “Upon waking up in the morning, I remember You.” This line suggests that the singer begins their day with thoughts of God and a desire to connect with Him.
  2. Nasasabik ang puso ko, Na makapiling Ka – “My heart longs to be with You.” The singer’s heart yearns for God’s presence.
  3. Umaawit, Sumasamba, Sumasayaw Sa’yo – “I sing, I worship, I dance for You.” This line reflects a joyful and exuberant expression of faith and devotion to God.
  4. Naghihintay ng pangugusap Mo – “I am waiting for Your word.” The singer is eager to hear and receive guidance or wisdom from God.


  • Ayaw kong magkulang ng kapangyarihan Mo – “I don’t want to lack in Your power.” The singer desires to be filled with God’s divine power.
  • Ayaw kong magkulang ng kabanalan Mo – “I don’t want to lack in Your holiness.” The singer seeks to be sanctified and made holy by God.
  • Hesus dakila Ka, Tanging sandigan ko – “Jesus, You are great, my only refuge.” The singer acknowledges Jesus as their source of strength and safety.
  • Lakas ko ay nanggagaling Sa’yo – “My strength comes from You.” The singer recognizes that their strength and abilities come from God.

Overall, “Ayaw Kong Magkulang” is a worshipful song expressing a strong devotion to Jesus Christ and a desire to be filled with His power and holiness. It reflects a deep spiritual connection and reliance on God in the singer’s life.

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